Finding Wendy

Midnight came. All was quiet. I revisited my reasoning, and it was sound and logical. I wanted to clear my name, and I wanted to be with Wendy. I got ten bucks from my change jar and left through the window.

The air was cold. I walked down the street and up to the main road, toward the highway. I was sure I would reach my goal in a day or two. Cars moaned past, then slipped away.

I thought about Lyn and how she would pray. Samantha might go looking for me, but she would grumble about it the whole time. My parents would worry at first, but they’d get used to the fact that I was on my own. On my own. That sounded just about right.

Growing up is hard enough. Running away from home can put reality front and center—and change the shape of who we are. With humor, honesty, and seventies flare, Finding Wendy depicts the war for true love and the search for true self. $3.99 on Kindle.
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