Free: A Dysfunctional Family of Witches

 A Dysfunctional Family of Witches
The saga of the Romanov witches begins in 1919 in Russia. Dima, a ragged fortune-teller and bastard granddaughter of Catherine the Great, flees the Russian Revolution, and the murders of the royal family. She is 97-years-old and steals four of the Starostavne books of Magical Spells, Potions, and Enchantments. With the wizardry books, she discovers immortality through a shapeshifting stone, which gives her the power to shift into a young woman. Dima migrates to America where she gives birth to three daughters.

Medea is born in 1920. Due to a curse, she turns into a cat at night. Like any cat, Medea has nine lives. She has her own cat coven of a dozen cats, who do her bidding.

Nikki, a Marilyn-Monroe lookalike, is born in 1934. After a rocky start, Nikki develops a powerful, magical, other-worldly gift.

Liliya, born in 1952, is nothing but trouble, a bi-polar witch who pursues a crooked path to power in an attempt to harness the weather.

And then there is Astra, born to a resentful Liliya in 1988. At the age of 13, Astra is doted upon by her grandmother, Dima, who is now 180 years old but still shapeshifts into a 19-year-old. Astra avoids the local school because she is an outcast, due to her family, who live in a rundown mansion on Witch Hill. Instead, her now, very powerful aunts, Medea and Nikki, tutor her as a witch.

Astra has wolves as her only friends, until she befriends Amelia, a Catholic girl.

How far will a young, lonely witch with budding powers, go to help a friend? Free to $0.99 on Kindle.

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