One Night in Hawaii

One Night in Hawaii
They call me filthy rich. Both words are quite fitting.
But my life is planned out for me.
Get married to an heiress, have some kids who will barely know me, and come home to a wife who’s tolerable at best and loves only my bank account.
It’s the way of our world, but fate decided to give me an out.
My lovely bride-to-be never showed up at the altar.
My attention moved quickly from heartache to aggravation when my little sister showed up.
With a beautiful friend of hers in need. Of funding. Always money.
This girl is wild and free. Beautiful and a mystery to me.
She would never be accepted in my world and yet I find myself wanting to leave everything to be in hers instead.
It was supposed to be one night in Hawaii.
But that night left me wanting forever. What has this sun-kissed princess done to me?
Whatever it is, all I want is more. $0.99 on Kindle.
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