Hack Inflation with Dividend Investing: Profit from Inflation with a Powerful Dividend Investing Strategy that Generates Passive Income

Hack Inflation with Dividend Investing: Profit from Inflation with a Powerful Dividend Investing Strategy that Generates Passive Income
“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.”
This is an incredible quote, and guess who said this? Someone just as great… John D. Rockefeller.

John D. Rockefeller is easily the richest person in history if you adjust Elon Musk’s net worth to inflation.

Dividend investing has been an overlooked term in an age of booming tech startups, mega FAANG overreach and cryptos exploding to the moon.

Have you heard anyone say the following? Dividends are booring man. I’m going to the moon. Have fun staying poor.

Well, Dividend Investing is not for everyone. It’s for those with patience. It’s for those who love passive income. Dividend investing is one of the simplest investment strategies to understand and is a great way for beginners to start investing. It is a low-risk way of investing, ideal for risk-averse investors. This investment strategy focuses on maximizing the benefits of dividends, whether they are reinvested or used otherwise.

So why dividend stocks during inflation? Investing during inflation is a treacherous pursuit. People, families, small business, large business, everything and everyone is fighting against rising expenses. At the same time, everyone is reducing their spending. Businesses are losing revenue. People are getting unemployed. Margins getting crushed.

There’s one thing that can help people stay above ground in such a situation. Income!!!

Income from your job, income from investments, royalty income, business income.

Income can be increased with increase in inflation.

Income that keeps pace with inflation is like oxygen on the moon. It needs to be treasured, studied and replicated.

Dividend income is one such income. It is one of the simplest forms of income that you control, and that can increase with inflation. If you follow the advice in this book, and buy the right stocks at the right time, it is one way to protect yourself.

The best protection is a job whose income increases with inflation. The second best is dividend income.

It’s like the shield that will protect you and your family while the inflation dragon is breathing down on you.

Once the inflation dragon runs out of fire and collapses, you can resume your journey to stronger financial times.

Bitcoin, Google, Amazon….. Leave the hype behind. They pay no dividend. They cannot protect you. In fact, the bigger they are, the harder they can fall during an inflationary collapse.

The tortoise will beat the hair.

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