Slavery and Beyond: The Complete Series Collection

Slavery and Beyond: The Complete Series Collection
Experience the NYC Draft Riots of 1863, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge (1883), the General Slocum Steamship Disaster (1904), and the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921 through the eyes of passionate heroes.

Failed Moments, Volume #1
Patrick Walsh relives his Failed Moments in two past lives in order to salvage his modern-day existence. He travels back to the French Caribbean in 1790 (before the slave revolution that created Haiti) and NYC in 1863 during the Draft Riots. Will he succeed the second time around?

A Wave From Mama, Volume #2
1863 Weeksville, Brooklyn: A former slave gets his dream job working on the Bridge project, but becomes a pawn in a battle involving the gangs of Irishtown and the corrupt Metropolitan Police. Will his special physical abilities help him survive or will his awkward social deficits prove to be too much to overcome?

Minetta Lane, Volume #3
New York City, 1904- Bodee Rivers, who has always run from major challenges, moves to crime-ridden MINETTA LANE, which is governed by an unusual race-based code. When confronted with an unimaginable challenge aboard the General Slocum Steamship, he isn’t sure he’s up to the task. Will he stand and fight or cut and run?

Living in the Middle, Volume #4
New York/Tulsa Early 1900s: Wealthy, White, and privileged Jimmy Montgomery discovers he’s been living a lie and travels to Tulsa to uncover his roots. When an angry White mob invades the Black community of Greenwood during the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921, Jimmy realizes he can no longer Live in the Middle. $4.99 on Kindle.

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