The Cursed Elves

This award-winning mythological romance series is NEW to Kindle Unlimited and spans thousands of years (as well as thousands of pages).

In 917, The Furies cursed the Elves for nearly killing their own kind through brutal warring. Priscilla is a 500-year old Elf who lives in modern-day Houston, Texas. She has powers that scare her, and other Elves, but she knows to little of her origins to understand them. However, The Fates were only waiting for the right moment to let her true nature begin to emerge – and it’s more than anyone bargained for.

As Priscilla and her lovers try to get the curse lifted, they battle against warring Elf Houses with different agendas. Throughout the books, the Elves encounter several different Greek Gods, and various species ranging from Satyrs, Fauns, and Dwarves, to Gargoyles and Merfolk.

This series includes a large cast of characters, and many of the books contain a historical novella simultaneously told within the novel. From $0.99 to $4.99 on Kindle.


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