Free: Hills Beyond Pentland

Hills Beyond Pentland
Edinburgh 2044. Scotland is an independent and prosperous nation within the EU but England has regressed to a 17th century society. Banned from international commerce by UN and EU sanctions because of its refusal to comply with international treaties on climate change England survives by smuggling outlawed animal foodstuffs.

Lieutenant Justine Claverhouse works for Europol combating the criminal gangs smuggling cheese across the English border. However, the Labrador and cat genes her aunt added to her DNA have brought with them a problematic new set of emotions and behaviours not well suited to the world of work.

A chance arrest on the train from Glasgow leads Justine into an investigation of a new smuggling route from England. The trail brings her to Larkhall where the local community council has held a wildcat referendum and intends to secede from Scotland and become an English colony.

Science fiction mixes with humour and political satire in a futuristic crime thriller. Free on Kindle.
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