Moontar Menace

Moontar Menace
Handed the poison chalice, she must solve a mystery and win a war.

As prophesied by the Woodelven Oracle, the Empire of Mu is invaded by seven-foot knights that attack and vanish without a trace. Seizing the moment, the empress turns her coronation into a War Council.

What she didn’t expect was the materialization of a magic key; one bequeathed to her in utmost secrecy by the late Emperor Constantine after his murder. When it turns up magically on her coronation day, the empress couldn’t dismiss this as a coincidence. “What secrets does this key unlock, my beloved? Did you plan this before your death?” she wondered.

In this second book of this series, the Saga of Six Realms shifts into another gear as this epic mystery unfolds and a hidden nemesis and other evil creatures reveal themselves.

Can be read as a standalone book. $1.99 on Kindle.

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