The Sloth’s Strategy: A Profitable & Hassle-Free ETF Investment Strategy

The Sloth's Strategy: A Profitable & Hassle-Free ETF Investment Strategy

In The Sloth’s Strategy, author David Mann shows you how to implement a “buy & hold” investment strategy, based on index funds, that anyone can maintain. The author explains why this portfolio is excellent for busy people who are looking for a simple way to invest, want to take their fair share of stock market returns, and even to disconnect someday from their job dependency.
David teaches his simple investment philosophy, which requires setting an investment policy – and then doing nothing but persevering. That profitable way to invest does NOT require any previous knowledge, and the portfolio volatility will be depending on the investor’s personal risk endurance and expectations only!
This book is the best introduction to investing in the stock market for beginners, mainly because it could easily be your first and last book. Just set an ETF portfolio, hang it on a tree, and let it grow! $0.99 on Kindle.

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