Monster’s Chains


Rebecca Sterling is a psychic who sees crimes from the perpetrator’s point of view. Resolved to putting her talent to good use, she works with the police, but her sanity is pushed to the breaking point when she agrees to help find a missing woman.

Aiden Parnellis grew up protecting his sister in an abusive home, something Rebecca is forced to witness the first time she touches him. A private detective with a reputation for finding the impossible to find, Aiden has been searching for his missing sister for the past year – with no results. Out of traditional options and losing hope, he agrees to meet with Rebecca.

Her visions of his sister’s kidnapping become confused with the strange dreams she’s been having. Dreams of a monster who is also a man, intent on stealing both her freedom and her sanity. Aiden is all that stands between Rebecca and madness, his submission to her sexual dominance fueling a lust that battles back the horror of what she’s seen. She needs him in a way that terrifies her – his body, his strength and his determination to protect her, especially when it becomes clear the kidnapper’s next victim will be Rebecca, her nightmares becoming reality when she’s caught in the monster’s chains.

Monster’s Chains is an EROTIC horror suitable only for readers over the age of 18

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