Demons & War

Demons & War
There’s nowhere to hide.

The time of the virus has passed, but war now looms on the horizon.

Compelled by fear, an injured Drew Murphy, tormented by his own demons, is determined to get home to save his family from the vilest of mankind.

Meanwhile, news anchor Glen Daniels has arrived in New York City and has become the face of the country as it rebuilds. Evil has returned and is prepared to release War, the second Horseman of the Apocalypse. Possessing anyone in its path, his plan will stop at nothing to destroy humanity.

Can Drew and his newfound friends stop the aftermath of the ominous entity and survive the most devastating war the world has ever seen?

Don’t miss this exciting continuation to E.M. Kelly’s award-winning novel, Addiction & Pestilence, from his A Journey Through Hell series.

**Contains strong language and violence.
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Remnant (Post-Apocalyptic)

After earth’s population is decimated by an unknown threat, a handful of survivors wander the barren countryside, alone and hunted. For them, time is running out. Churches and places of worship no longer provide sanctuary from the resurrected dead.

Is humanity facing the second coming, or something far more insidious? $3.13 on Kindle
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