Lest We Find Gold

Lest We Find Gold

‘Lest We Find Gold’ is a powerful and compelling masterpiece of fine literature. The rhythmic story weaves between the past and present of Millicent ‘Milly’ Pratt’s life; through the ‘golden’ layers we uncover the secret issues of insecurity, domestic abuse, social prejudice and the internal struggle between fear and acceptance. We look beneath the ‘caftan’ that cloaks Milly in self-deception, confusion and pain, and we are left gasping as she strips herself to release the freedom of ‘naked finery’ $2.99 on Kindle.
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Playing with Fire: An Explosive Real-Life Drama

Playing-With-FireTesting the Waters just got a little more crazy. 

The first time I saw them smoking crystal meth, I had no idea what it was. They sat in a circle, and passed around a glass pipe filled with boiling liquid. The smoke was extremely thick and white. It had a slightly sweet smell to it. I knew that it couldn’t have been anything good, but other than that, I was lost. 
The night I chose to leave Josh to be with Derrick, was the night I chose my fate for the next four years. 
That night chose not only my fate, but the fate of Zoe and Chloe, and the fate of their relationship with myself and my family. My spiritual and moral struggle was just beginning.

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