Free: Natural Health Warrior Devotionals

Natural Health Warrior Devotionals
Struggling with time in this busy world for studying the Scriptures? Inside is 60 days of devotionals that can be completed in just 10 minutes a day.
Dive deep into the Word for guidance on how to improve physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. The Bible is the ultimate health book for all areas of life.

Each day includes :

-A scripture verse
-Some thought-provoking content
-A journal prompt to record insights, learnings, and action steps. Free on Kindle.

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Am I Okay, God?: Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension

Am-I-Ok-God“Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension” answers many questions teens (and even adults) ask dealing with hot topics like self-esteem, dating, bullying, abortion, careers, forgiveness, salvation, and deeper theological issues related to the end times and the Lord’s return.

Woven into the devotionals are stories from the Seventh Dimension YA Christian Fantasy Series as well as from the author’s life that touch on themes that are important to Christianity and what it means to be born again. Each of the 27 devotionals has a QR code and link to videos, music, and/or books for further discussion and enjoyment.

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