Breaking the Queen

Breaking the QueenThis is not your usual happily ever after paranormal romance with a naughty witch and hot werewolf twins.

This is a dark fantasy- much darker.

When the widow Tessa Mason drives to a werewolf territory in Virginia to attend her estranged twin brother’s wedding, she expects to meet the bride’s family. What she doesn’t expect is that her new brothers-in-law, Logan and Jacob, will claim her as their fated mate.

She’s not interested, but they don’t care about that.

They want her as their mate, and they’re going to have her, no matter the cost. After her brother’s betrayal leaves her defenseless, the twins use it to their advantage.

However, an angry witch is a dangerous witch. Even with her powers bound, this little monster will have her revenge on the Lycan twins.

But in a story as dark as theirs, can there be a true victor?

Breaking the Queen if the fourth book of The Broken Immortals Series, a grimdark paranormal fantasy collection of stories. $0.99 on Kindle
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