Free: Detective Kat Beats a Bully

Detective Kat Beats a Bully
Bullies are mean; bullies are gross…

Luckily for Amy, Detective Kat is here to show them who is the boss!

Detective Kat, also known as Katrina, a siamese cat who is a regular pet by day and a detective by night. She was chosen out from a litter of five kittens by Amy, now her owner.

They played and cuddled all day long. Their life was great until one day, Kat noticed Amy was behaving strangely. What could have possibly happened to Amy? What caused the playful little girl to become silent and aloof?

It was a case that only Detective Kat could solve. Lo and behold, she soon found the culprit – Jake Brighouse, the son of the chief of the water company. The spoiled rich kid was bullying Amy, but Kat was having none of that. With the help of a few other animals in the neighborhood, she hatched a plan to teach Jake a lesson he will never forget. A lesson after which he will never think about bullying Amy again.

Join Kat and Amy on their adventures. Free on Kindle
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Allie’s Slimy Christmas Adventure: Short Bedtime Christmas Story

Allie's Slimy Christmas Adventure: Short Bedtime Christmas Story
What would you do if your house was covered in goo, and you found a glowing door that led to the North Pole? Allie Simonson and her best friend Ryan have to deal with that exact situation. When they step through the glowing door, they enter the magical world of the North Pole, where Santa and his elves are facing a sticky situation. Will they be able to help Santa save Christmas? $1.99 on Kindle
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