The Salt Mine (Urban Fantasy Series)

The Salt Mine
Dig into this exciting new urban fantasy series!

The Salt Mine is a black ops agency hidden in the deep mineral deposits beneath Detroit. In a world where things that go bump in the night are real, the Salt Mine monitors supernatural activity and dispatches agents to neutralize or contain magical threats.

Each book tells the story of a single mission assigned to a primary agent. The two major protagonists are David Wilson and Teresa Martinez—codenames Fulcrum and Lancer—but there are a host of other agents, each with their own specialty, and a rich supporting cast within the Mine and the larger magical community.

The novels are independent of each other and can be read out of order, but the outcome of each book affects the world as a whole in subsequent novels. With each story, the reader learns a little more about what’s really going on with the characters and in the greater magical world.

Meet the demons, devils, faeries, undead, elementals, creatures of legend, and the truly horrific outsiders that populate the supernatural world. Explore the different ways to practice magic: divination, summoning, augmentation, and charming play key roles, but other disciplines prove useful as agents often have to look beyond the moral realm for the truth.

Join the agents of the Salt Mine as they rein in magic before the karmic backlash kills us all!

Salt Mine Agent Roster:

Fulcrum is a seasoned Salt Mine agent with a CIA background. He’s worked at the Mine for a decade and specializes in summoning, security, and infiltration.

Lancer is a new recruit from the FBI with a good grasp on investigation. She’s new to magic, and her on-the-job training quickly becomes a trial by fire.

Clover is the heiress of an old magical family. She uses her vast resources, wealth, and connections to aid other agents in the field, but there is more to this bubbly socialite than meets the eye.

Hobgoblin is ex-Kommando Spezialkräfte. When someone or something needs to die or go boom, he’s your man.

Aurora is a chemical engineer by day and monster hunter by night. She can magically augment herself to be faster and stronger than humanly possible, and with a blade in hand, she’s deadlier than the other agents.

Deacon is the Mine’s oldest agent and only undead expert. If an agent is calling in Deacon, they’re already in trouble.

Supporting Cast:

Leader is the mastermind and visionary of the organization. No one can refuse her when she turns her gray hawkish gaze and indomitable will upon them.

LaSalle is Leader’s assistant-slash-bodyguard and the Mine’s operational head. He keeps the day-to-day affairs running smoothly, both magically and mundanely.

Chloe and Dot are the Mine’s librarians and magical tutors, curating the world’s most extensive magical stacks. If they don’t know it, no one does.

Weber is the Mine’s quartermaster. His rare talent to merge magic and technology produces handy gadgets that have saved more than one agent’s life in the field.  $0.99 to $4.99 on Kindle

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