REACH: Responding to the Irony of a Sound-Bite Society

REACH: Responding to the irony of a sound-bite society

The irony of our time lies in the juxtaposition between the instantaneous and often impulsive characteristics of social messaging and broadcast media, and the virtues of compassion, tolerance, and understanding. This contrast helps to explain why the true intention of a message often becomes lost in its own delivery.

REACH describes the ongoing struggle between our individual and group (social) identities, and how this conflict unknowingly contributes to the distressing rhetoric being circulated among a divisive society. At issue are the echoes of public sentiment perceived by society-at-large, including civic leaders. Do they contain a clearly articulated message? Are our loosely defined remarks partially responsible for the failure to develop sustainable solutions to distressing social conditions? In the absence of clarity, is the public effectively granting carte blanche to political entities who create social policies as they see fit to do? This book is about strengthening the message being carried through downstream messaging as we deliberate complex social issues through purposeful, discretionary, and tolerant manners of discourse. $6.99 on Kindle.

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