One Hundred Percent

One Hundred Percent
Glares and heated arguments with my cop ex-best friend can’t change our past choices, but he still makes me laugh and I still secretly want him to be mine. It’s complicated.

Trinity’s biggest mistake still hurts and ripples through her life years later, all because she secretly fell for her best friend, Miles, and didn’t have the courage to tell him. Their friendship hit a heartbreaking wall in college, they cut ties and she swore she’d never move back home or see him again. Five years later, she’s finally opening her dream coffee shop, only it’s in Summit, their hometown where he still lives. But she’s not letting anything hold her back anymore, not even Miles and their unexpectedly fiery reunion.

She thinks she got over him and they’ll avoid each other. She thinks they’ll never get past angry glares and heated arguments. She’s wrong. He was a stubborn boy, but now he’s a stubborn man, a cop who radiates authority even out of uniform, doesn’t back down easily and can still make her laugh even when she feels awkward.

Despite all that, she thinks she learned her lesson and is safe from falling for him again. She thinks her deal with the devil will keep Miles safe. She thinks she has another year before the devil shows his face in Summit. She. Is. Wrong.

Reader discretion is advised for mature content. $0.99 on Kindle.

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