From the Painted Tomb: Something Ancient is on its Way

FROM THE PAINTED TOMB: Something Ancient is on its Way


Krista Hawthorne knows nothing of her lineage, has little memory of the horrific tragedy that orphaned her at age four. She has only a mysterious Egyptian ankh pendant she inherited from her mother.

One night, just as the full moon rises over the Lune River, a bloodcurdling howl echoes through her adopted Appalachian mountains. A mythical creature wearing an identical ankh pendant bursts from the forest. With furious red eyes and razor-sharp claws, it savagely attacks her date then turns to her.

FROM THE PAINTED TOMB blends magical realism, horror, and romance. It layers the story of a contemporary woman who’s afraid to trust again, and an immortal Egyptian prince whose vow to protect a copper-haired slave leads to deadly consequences that carry through the ages to a thirty-two-year-old copper-haired American woman. $0.99 on Kindle.
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