Free: Soteriology: Understanding Our Great Salvation (The Bible Teacher’s Guide)

Soteriology: Understanding Our Great Salvation (The Bible Teacher's Guide)
What is salvation? Why do humans need it? And what is its process? The doctrine of salvation essentially teaches how humans are condemned to an eternal hell by a just and righteous God because of their sins. However, instead of condemning all of humanity without any hope of redemption, God provided a means of salvation, so that the condemned may become righteous and dwell eternally with him in a place of blessing.

In this study, we will consider salvation by exploring some of the elements within the order of its process, the gospel message, and theological issues associated with salvation such as, “Why does God elect people to salvation?” “How does a believer become more like Christ?” “Can a believer lose his salvation?” and “How does a person know if he or she is truly saved?” The intent behind studying these is that we’ll be able to know the true gospel in contrast with a false gospel, gain wisdom to grow in our sanctification, develop hope in our future glorification, and increase our sense of awe and joy in the great salvation that God planned for us. Let’s study it together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide. Free on Kindle.

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