Free: Deja Vu

Free: Deja Vu
If you are looking for a book where you can fall in love with the protagonist and escape reality, this is NOT the book for you. There are no aliens, no heartbreaking alpha-males, no beautiful women waiting for a knight on a white horse to come rescue them.

Chances are you won’t like Rose, the main character. Why? Because Rose is not a nice girl. She is jealous, she hates, and she is unhappy with her life.

Maybe each of us experiences the exact same feelings? Maybe that’s why it’s hard for some of us to read and realize that we have part of Rose inside of us …

However, Rose was given an unusual opportunity to relive her life and examine her emotions and decisions.
Come and read what happened to her and what she found out about herself and her environment.

Maybe you’ll find out something about yourself… Free on Kindle

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