Crash Proof Your Project

Crash Proof Your Project is a highly engaging, highly effective tool book for project management. It offers simple, easy-to-apply solutions to safeguard projects from potential failures or “crashes.” It aims to help managers and stakeholders improve communication, strengthen relationships, and drive better performance.

Crash Proof is an accurate start-to-finish guide not only for the project manager, but for anyone who seeks to avoid the ten deadly sins in project management Missed Deadlines, Budget Overruns, Wasted Resources, Scope Creep, Stakeholder Dissatisfaction, Reputational Damage, Legal and Regulatory Issues, Lack of Innovation, Burnout, and of course, the most dreaded of all Failure.
While Crash Proof is witty and fun to read chock full of relatable stories and corporate parables that highlight the most critical issues managers face it delivers serious tips and tricks for challenging project work. Gallagher drills it all down to the most pragmatic and practical strategies that will help you prevent unrealistic expectations and avoid project pitfalls and failures. This book undoubtedly delivers on its namesake commitment

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Author: Charles Gallagher