Wings of Crystal

Wings of Crystal
Raising Evandar, a baby dragon, in secret is no easy task, especially with danger crowding in from every direction.
In a world where magic and danger intertwine, Zia and her magician companion, Jakari, face a daunting task: raising the only baby dragon in a thousand years in secret. As they leave their companions to find a sanctuary for Evandar’s growth, they plunge into a labyrinth of peril.

Hunted by men wielding enchanted blades and believing Jakari dead, Zia must find a way into a system of caves where the missing prince is being held. Entrusting Evandar to her winged horse, Starwind, for safekeeping, she strikes a desperate bargain, becoming a servant to a corrupt Squire magician so she can gain entry into his lair. Zia grapples with her newfound servitude while still harboring a desperate mission: to locate and rescue Xavier, the captive prince, and raise the dragon to his full potential.
In this gripping tale of loyalty, sacrifice, and the bonds of magic, with adventure, action, magic and epic battles, Zia must summon all her strength and cunning to protect the dragon she loves, save the imprisoned prince, and unravel mysteries that threaten to consume them all.
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Author: Karen Kanouse