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“Whirligig is a magnificent novel, epic in scale!”– Gill Thompson, Author of ‘The Child on Platform One.’

How far will one man go to keep a promise?
Lose everything he has?
Fight someone else’s war?

Shire knows a secret – a secret that could endanger the future of his childhood love. Bound by a promise he made as a boy, he sails to America to protect her, but falls into the throes of the raging Civil War.

War is a dangerous game, but for Shire there is a far greater peril. His enemies will stop at nothing to ensure that their secrets die with him.

Clara doesn’t want the future set before her in England. Drawn by the thought of a new world and a new life, she accepts a marriage proposal that brings her all the way to Tennessee.

Yet as she sits in the mansion of Comrie, she discovers its lonely rooms hold secrets of tragedy and bloodshed, secrets being slowly exhumed by a war that creeps ever closer.

Can Shire reach Clara in time? Or will he have sacrificed everything in vain?

What is love but a constant promise?

“Whirligig” is the debut novel from multi-award-winning short-story writer Richard Buxton. Read this heartbreaking and sweeping portrait of an impossible love set in a brutal war. $0.99 on Kindle

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Author: Richard Buxton