What Had Happened Was

What Had Happened Was

Toi Boxx has always had the work hard, play hard mindset. Sure, she likes a good party and nice things, but she jumps out of bed each morning and takes pride in her project management work too. She’s good at it, and that means she’s able to treat her two little boys to pizza at their favorite arcade on the weekends and to save for a nice house with her baby daddy, LaMar.

LaMar is a great dad and incredible cook with an unmatched sense of humor. But when he loses his job and shows no interest in finding a new one, suddenly it feels like Toi is doing all the work and LaMar is doing all the play.

Luckily, Toi has her momma and two best friends Kessa and Dena to help, and she can tell them anything.

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Author: Ah'Shay Young