War Torn

An unforgettable, romantic historical novel that takes you to the heart of WW2.

This captivating story follows the journey of Frances Meyer, a talented violin virtuoso as she battles for survival amidst the ravages of war and the looming threat from a once trusted friend.

As Frances attempts to flee France with her ailing husband, fate intervenes, leaving her shipwrecked and alone in the Atlantic. Just when hope seems lost an unexpected rescue comes in the form of a U boat commanded by the enigmatic Kapitan Kristian Mueller.

An unlikely connection blossoms between Mueller and Frances, culminating in a forbidden affair that both captivates and torments them. Their passionate entanglement is severed when the U boat returns to port and Frances is arrested by the SS and interned in the grim confines of Drancy holding camp. She is befriended by a young Jewish woman who teaches her the art of survival which both women find is an almost insurmountable challenge. Things are made worse for Frances when threats emerge from both sides eager to see her perish.

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