Vivien: A Modern Gothic Fairy Tale

vivienArrogant war hero, Captain William Thorpe crashes his car in the remote Scottish Highlands. He is rescued and taken to the mysterious and secluded Dungarvan Castle. When he recovers consciousness, he looks up at a sea of faces and sees the beautiful woman he is told is his wife. His desire for Vivien is only matched by his horror as he slowly realizes she is the voracious thing that haunts him and that he must defeat.

Set in 1925 in a romantic Scottish castle troubled by a Bean Shìth, taking the form of a beautiful dark haired woman. The story is reminiscent of Daphne De Maurier’s Rebecca and Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla: an atmospheric setting with lots of mood, a dash of lust, a smidgeon of murder and a bunch of supernatural visitation.