To Leave a Memory: A Warm Coming Together

To Leave a Memory: a warm coming together

When history professor Andrew Ward ignores his wife Lizzy’s warning that something will happen if he allows their teenage son to go out one stormy night, tragedy strikes on a rain-slick highway. Andrew is too anguished to admit he was wrong, and, over the years, he and Lizzy drift into avoidance.

Forgotten in the marital divide, the couple’s daughter Jane, a high-tech guru and mother of three, can’t forgive the long-ago loss of her big brother. Nor can Andrew’s elder brother Thomas, an arrogant millionaire.

Just as Andrew’s wife Lizzy decides to leave Andrew and start life anew, Jane urges her mother to repair her marriage. Lizzy silently resists and tells only her best friend of her decision.

Oblivious to either woman’s plans, Andrew escapes to his office, where he tries to write a grand apologia to atone for his long-ago mistake. But when a second tragedy strikes, each family member faces a choice no one wants to make. And Andrew must find a way to leave a memory. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Pat Dunlap Evans