Free: Time-Travel Tales Book 12 – Paris: Historical Romance Short Story

Time-Travel Tales Book 12 - Paris: historical Romance Short Story

Journey to the heart of Paris in 1900, where Jed and his beloved’s love transcends time and galaxies. Bound not just by their love but by their roles in a cosmic battle that spans the ages, our heroine’s final World exhibition becomes a pivotal moment in time.
While Marie enjoys the sights, sounds, and delicious food of a city much revived since her last visit in 1878, Jed grapples with the complexity of time, his undying love for his beloved, and the end of an era in their lives.

Jed faces a deadly foe. Run to ground, with nothing to lose, Ike has planned and engineered a winning combination of circumstances so he can finally return triumphantly to Pluto after destroying key parts of Paris. Can Jed outwit such a focused do or die mindset? With the help of an unexpected ally, will love prevail? Free on Kindle.
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