The Zebra Hunter

The Zebra Hunter

If you discovered the meaning of life, would you share it? What would you choose as a sign, a symbol of that meaning? And, what would it be like if, at any given moment, especially when you were troubled or hurting, that particular symbol appeared in your life?

That is exactly what is happening to many people all around the world who were touched by the life of a man, Robert Marron, a seeker of the meaning of life, who died from the disease called AIDS.

Much has been said about the tragedy of the disease called AIDS. And it is just that: a tragedy. No matter how one contracts this disease, it is one of the most horrific processes of death one can go through.

It is extremely painful for the person going through the process and is tremendously taxing on those primary caregivers who assist them during their time of demise.

This story is about a man who was not only my friend, but my spiritual teacher as well. This story is about the changes he made in the lives of those around him and the lessons he gave to the world. The purpose of this book is to have those lessons passed on through me and through others in whom he worked his magic.

It has been said that no one really knows why zebras have stripes. Some say that the stripes are used for protective measures to make it difficult for predators to pinpoint any one individual zebra in a herd. Another thought is that the striping helps to keep the herds together, thus keeping them safer as a group than any one zebra would be individually. In fact, studies have suggested that zebras are attracted by all stripes, even artificial ones.

It is my hopes that the Zebra Sense presented within this book will draw each and everyone of us closer to each other within this herd known as the human tribe. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Author: Jack Needham