The Undulating Shadows

The Undulating Shadows

The first evidence of its harrowing existence dates to 8,212 BC.

Over time, humanity rationalized its existence as a psychological symptom. But, after Justin Scott’s sister falls victim to its malevolent power, triggering a cascade of traumatic events that sends him to a dilapidated youth care facility, he realizes that the ominous, paralyzing shadow is real.

Justin befriends two equally scarred kids and finds solace from his pain within the confines of Mountain View Foundation until the shadows stir once more.

The chilling events that transpire leave those lucky enough to survive traumatized for life and paranoid of its return.

Thirty-three years later, Justin stumbles upon evidence of a similar paranormal event and decides to pursue the truth behind the horrific apparition, which seems to be growing in power. Now, he must find and reunite his estranged childhood friends and face their traumatic pasts to prevent a looming global catastrophe.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can Justin unravel the truth and stop the escalating dominance of the insidious shadow in time? $0.99 on Kindle.
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