The Paleo Diet: Getting Started On A Healthy Way To Lose Weight Even A Caveman Would Love

eBooks (4)Every year a new diet emerges claiming to be the next best thing. The newest trending diet, The Paleo Diet, is different from the rest. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle and quick weight loss, The Paleo Diet, also referred to as The Caveman Diet or The Stone Age Diet, reflects the nutritional habits of early hunters and gatherers. The Paleo Diet is based on food from the land, offering a healthy, all natural way to lose weight, with a simple model that is easy to follow.

The Paleo Diet is more of lifestyle than a diet, based on making healthy decisions and consuming foods that were a part of the diet plan of hunters and gathers:

-Wild Plants
-Animals – Fish and Grass-Fed Meats and Poultry
-Fruits and Vegetables
-Fungi and Roots
-Natural Fats (in limited quantities)

On the Paleo Diet, there is no processed food, artificial flavoring, or refined sugar. The goal is to eliminate all the unnatural, unhealthy food that society has become accustomed to eating due to a fast-paced lifestyle and the overwhelming convenience of fast food.

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