The Last Honorable Man

The Last Honorable Man

Jake Wakefield struggles to save his family and prove his innocence!

Excited to take part in his first mission as an Air Force Operator, Jake soon finds himself amid an intricate heist. The team tries to kill Jake and blame him for the stolen money but Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agent Sheldon McCarr becomes suspicious of their story.

45 million in Federal Government money earmarked for reparations has been stolen, and Alpha Team comes under the radar. Eight members of the team make Jake Wakefield the scapegoat, and they try to kill him to cover their tracks.

Jake fights to clear his name and protect his wife and kids from imminent danger. He fakes his death to thwart the team from coming after him. He needs time to clear his name. The further he digs into the theft, the more Jake discovers.

Jake soon aligns himself with Agent McCarr and the two of them go after Jake’s nemeses, Chief Master Sergeant Damien Rose. Chief Rose struggles with trying to do the right thing in providing money to disavowed Operator’s families, but in the wrong way.

Everything comes to a head when Jake and Agent McCarr discover Chief Rose is just the henchman and conspiracy runs to a much higher office within the Federal Government! $2.99 on Kindle.

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