The Fixer, Season 1, Episode 1

the-fixerJC Bannister’s clients think of him as a fixer. He calls himself a solutionist. The government? His enemies? A hitman for hire. If you can afford it, and if he’ll take you on, Bannister will find the solution to your problem.

But when the contract he’s asked to take on involves killing a US Senator, the problem quickly gets larger than even Bannister can handle. The LAPD is on his tail. So are the Secrect Service. Old enemies keep popping up and wanting to take him out. In the process, Bannister discovers he’s being setup.

Bannister must figure out the double-cross and who is behind it before his fix of the contract changes the future of America for good. Or gets his whole team, and himself, killed.

The Fixer is an exciting serial thriller by Rex Carpenter that will keep you turning pages until the last body drops.