Soul Shadows

Soul-ShadowsIn this trilogy experience the unseen dimensions witnessed by Gabriel Chairuf, Martin Stern and George Eldman.

Breathe In the Roses, Blow Out the Candles
Thirteen year-old Gabriel Chairuf and his family will soon be moving to a deserted farm that has long instilled trepidation into local residents. After a series of disturbing dreams, Gabriel sets out in real time to find the crying voice that radiates from his nightmares and the buried secrets of the haunted acreage.

Infant Soles
After being given a pair of new shoes by a mysterious salesman, Martin Stern’s new soles bring him face to face with a boy named Andrew at a local ballpark. It is there Martin discovers that his shoes are walking him towards the revelation of an awful truth that has been hiding in the depths of his mind.

Where It All Goes
While walking down a stretch of beach on a warm Sunday afternoon, George encounters people from the distant past who evolve from a fog veiled beach house.

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