Sky Parlor

Sky Parlor


From the dawn of mankind…

Through America’s Civil War and into the distant future…

Two ancient gods have made romance and waged conflict…

After the Great Rapture…

Will Sky Parlor become their final battlefield?

Do we ever really die? Or, do we return to live again with those we knew before? In the future, will man and machine learn to procreate?

For generations, the population of Sky Parlor has believed that, long ago, the lands beyond the walls of their domed city were mafe uninhabitable during the “Great Rapture”.

When young Desmond Starr is appointed Alderman of Sky Parlor’s burough of Columbia, he is guided by a benevolent spirit during a dream’s strange vision and learns a hidden truth, exposing a shocking lie that has persisted for centuries.

As rumors of a vadt deception spread among the population of Sky Parlor, the president and his governing “sustainability” council propose what appears to ne the petfect but distracting solution: An inspiring journey to a mysterious and distant world!

But does this grand proposal mask an ulterior agenda? Will a rebellious young man discover his fate is bound to not only the future of Sky Parlor, but to the survival of humanity? $2.99 on Kindle.

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