Root Memory by Mark C. Walton

root memory

What happens to those musicians you followed as a teenager? Not the famous ones, but those from more obscure bands. Nero Bain is one of them. He’s pushing fifty and it’s over twenty-five years since he turned his back on the British music scene. It’s now 2008, and while the financial world is teetering on the edge of a precipice, his anxious and uneventful life is unravelling as he collects rents for uncompromising loan shark, Fin Dixey. Now one shameful act results in Nero being engulfed by guilt, and he’s admitted to a psychiatric unit following a breakdown. There he reflects on the intriguing layers of his family history, his long lost and only love… and launching the first snail into space.

Escaping to the countryside, on the run from his past, Nero retrieves a forgotten screwed up piece of paper which contains a short and cryptic instruction which results in an odd chain of events and an intense visionary insight into the true meaning of empathy — ultimately attempting an audacious and unorthodox solution to his problems. Learn more.