Remnants Of Electria: An Ashen Wasteland Series (Book 1)

Remnants Of Electria: An Ashen Wasteland Series (Book 1)
Airships. Gunfights. Mutants. And a crew looking for the next city to plunder.

Captain Rachel Sternritter, first mate Phineas Archibald, and the crew of Cloudsurfer are after one thing: profit.
In the new world powered by steam and coal, few things can enrapture the imagination of raiders as much as the relics of the old world – the last pieces of technology created before the Shattering; magical apparatuses using a form of energy called “electricity”.
As they descend into the ruins of an old-world city, they soon realize that much more awaits them than the treasure they seek.
They aren’t the only crew that has this city on their map.
And more than relics have survived The Shattering.

In the end, Rachel must decide if a fistful of coins is worth risking her life –and the lives of her crew. $0.99 on Kindle.

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