Real-Life Prince Charming

Real-Life Prince Charming
Friends? I wouldn’t exactly call Frank a friend.
He was at one time, my best friend. We shared everything.
I was a dreamer and Frank was the real-life Prince Charming that every girl wanted.

Fast forward ten years and I’m back in our hometown of Hampton.
He’s been in the military, grown into a dominant, strong man and it shows.
The boy that I dreamed about, was now a man that took my breath away.
Rock-hard abs, thick biceps and a smile that said he knew what I was thinking.

We’re all grown up now.
I shouldn’t be acting this way.
What’s wrong with me?
We’re just friends…

Until he kissed me.
Then, everything changed.
Was one kiss, going to ruin a decade of friendship?

A full-length romance with lots of love and happy endings. Two friends become lovers, in a story that is full of flirting, hot-sex and plenty of mishaps along the way. $0.99 on Kindle.

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