My Best Friend’s Brother

My Best Friend’s Brother
Is it still breaking girl code if you only fantasize about your best friend’s brother?
Look, I know he’s completely off-limits,
Trust me, I tried not to fall for him,
But one tiny kiss changed everything.

Growing up Liam was a dick,
Moody, bossy—I hated the way he treated his sister.
But after he moved away to pursue his dreams I completely forgot about him.
Funny how a little time and distance, can transform hate into drop-dead lust.

While the sparks are flying between us,
I can’t pretend not to worry about being a rebound for his broken heart.
I wasn’t falling for Liam—I was already there,
And hiding it all from my best friend is only one complication.

I thought I could keep my feelings in check,
But I’m starting to resent being a dirty little secret.
Can a fun little fling be just what we both need?
Or will my heart end up as collateral damage when his ex shows up to take him back…$0.99 on Kindle.

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