Loving Captivity

loving captivity romance

Sold into slavery at the age of sixteen, Sora serves an abusive master for ten years. Then, to deal with his own debts, she finds herself at auction again. Without her youth or any sought-after skills to make her valuable, her future looks bleak. Slaves like her rarely survive long, and she expects to suffer and die soon after she’s bought, either as a mine slave or in a meat bordello.

Searin, Prime Son of Talin and one of two potential next Monarchs, is suffering the early effects of the Fading; losing his appetite. The next step will be to lose interest in working, then lying down and waiting to die. Those afflicted with the Fading are treated as if suffering from a shameful self-inflicted disease. They’re considered weak among the Talin, where love and bonding are strictly prohibited for “the good of the species.”

Searin is desperate enough to borrow his good friend’s pet human for quick cuddles to stave off the Fading. Humans are popular pets among the Talin. Perceived as weak, needy, and fragile, they’re almost never sold, even when they become old and infirm. They’re prized possessions among his species.

Because humans need so much affection, according to Talin doctrine, to stay healthy and happy, there’s no shame in cuddling or comforting a human pet. Finally, Searin decides he needs one of his own and considers himself fortunate when he finds Sora at the auction house. With the human home world Earth long ago destroyed, humans are rare and scattered across the galaxy in small communities. This little female is a prize and he hopes she’ll come to trust him despite her previous experiences.

Sora isn’t sure about this new master. He’s kind and gentle and wants to hold and carry her. It doesn’t take long for her to come to trust him and realize that her new role is that of pet, not slave. She’s never lived in such comfort and finds herself feeling real affection for her new master.

Everything changes while Searin’s away and his sister decides to manipulate the situation. Soon secrets are revealed and consequences need to be faced. Can Searin figure out a way to be a good Prime Son but keep Sora and himself safe?
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