Lingering In The Dark

Lingering In The Dark

What do you do when everything you believe is proved untrue?

Both Franklin and Sarah Oswald know that, logically, the stories couldn’t be true. Demonised, homicidal spirits of the Baxter family roaming the halls when they had been murdered decades before? It’s the stuff from horror novels; tales used to frighten children.

When they move into the house on the hill, they are blissfully unaware of every danger lingering in the dark, stalking them from behind corners.

This was going to be their fresh start, a new life for them. However, when what they thought to be impossible turns out to be fact, and they receive no help from the neighbours in the town, who refuse to even discuss that place, Franklin and Sarah can only rely on each other to save themselves from the Baxter family. $0.99 on Kindle.

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