Just Dessert

Just-DessertWhen Grady sees Mary for the first time in more years than he can remember, she’s holding a beautiful strawberry pie. Never mind that her father is yelling at her in front of the entire town and calling her a harlot. The pie isn’t all Grady sees, though. Even afraid, Mary is stronger than she realizes. Grady makes it his goal for the summer to help Mary realize how good her life could be.

Mary doesn’t know what to do with Grady. Every time she turns around, he’s there. He fixed the long drive to their farm. He repairs the porch and replaced the rotted wood. He teaches her brothers how to plow the field. And he makes her little sisters fall in love with him. Grady is everywhere she looks, and she can’t decide whether to hug him for it…or throw something at him.

Life hasn’t been easy for Mary, but Grady may just be the one to help her find her way back to who she once was and to the faith she’d once embraced.