Jaguar Prince

Jaguar Prince
A zoo worker. A sexy shape shifter. A clash of wills.

What would you do if you were batting a two in the dating department and the sexiest man alive suddenly ends up naked in your bed, but then tries to convince you he’s some kind of shape shifter prince from another planet, and tells you that you’re also part Symtarian and you need to return with him?

No, Callie can’t keep the hot guy for a little while and hope therapy might help. She’s sensible, and he’s probably an escapee from some nut house. He has to go.

Prince Rogar can see it will take time to convince Callie that she’s part Symtarian, except she seems quite disturbed about his ability to shape shift.

He can’t take her back to Symtaria without knowledge of their ways. How can he present her to his father, the king, when she hasn’t even connected with her animal guide? But he can’t leave her here either. What if she unknowingly changes to animal form?

When he tells her that he’ll stay with her, she doesn’t seem pleased. She’ll probably be even less pleased if she discovers there are rogue Symtarians who think impures like her should be destroyed. Somehow he’ll have to convince Callie about her past, while keeping her safe, even as danger draws ever closer. $0.99 on Kindle.

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