Human No Longer

Human No Longer Vampire Horror

“Human No Longer” is a different take on vampires. Jenny Sanders wakes up from a coma to find her husband, Jeff, did not survive the attack on them by vampires and she gradually realizes she is changing into a vampire herself…the creatures she has always hated and once hunted.

But she is a mother of a boy and a girl whom she loves dearly. Without her, they’d be orphans so she must find a way to deal with her new blood lust and still be a good mother. For a while, against all odds, she wins the battle….until  the very vampires who she once hunted find her. They demand that she leave her children and join them or face death. Is she strong enough, clever enough and determined enough to avoid their fate for her…or will the vampires win and turn her into a monster like themselves? Learn more.