Human Alpha Protector

Human Alpha Protector
He is an alpha wolf shifter, and I am a human. He was always there to protect me. He’s been following me since my childhood and I had no idea.

Brandon Scott has been all I need since I saw him naked, the very first day we met.
After seeing his tanned body, with those bulging muscles, I want him so badly.
He makes me crazy and an getting obsessed.
His eyes can melt any woman’s heart.
I’ve never felt like this in my entire life.
Now I have to share a cabin with him.
And I don’t know if I can trust myself with him.

I know he is not a human. He says he is my father’s assistant.
He says he can not fall in love with a human. It is against the rules of his pack.
Who cares? I am stubborn.
I can’t resist this sexy creature roaming around me.
My body craves his touch. I need him.
I want him to do all the naughty things to me.
Lust is taking over my mind.
How long can I keep control?
How long can I fight my hormones?

Now as I am addicted to him, My heart is breaking.
All my plans with Brandon are shattering.
He already has a mate and he never told me anything about her.
Now I am hurt and I want to run from here.
Maybe moving to Italy will help me forget him.
There he is, again standing in front of me.

There is not even a single second when I don’t miss him. Why he can’t be mine? $0.99 on Kindle.

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