His Wicked Mouth

His Wicked Mouth
Can anyone really go home again?
Not when you’re the black sheep of the family.
So I’m far from home, in Vegas, because good things always happen there.
At least for us bad boys, they do.
And who shows up to save my soul?
My brother’s best friend. Pretty little Annabelle.
Hell, her name even reminds me of back home.
Unfortunately for me, her daddy warned her about guys like me.
I can’t help but wonder why this pretty, sweet, southern lady is in the seedy Sin City.
Bachelorette party. Looks like she’s trying to let her hair down a little.
Lucky for her, I can help with that.
This one is playing for keeps, and I find myself wanting to roll the dice.
Somehow, I think this woman is going to change my wicked ways and take me back to the ranch where I belong.
She’s got her work cut out for her. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Author: Jessica Mills