Free: Terminal Boredom

Terminal Boredom

After selling his advertising agency prematurely, Norman Walker is blind-sided by a sudden fit of extreme debilitating boredom. Fearing for his sanity, Norm consults a close doctor friend who arranges for a consultation at the mysterious Beyond/Boredom Institute. Operated as a charity, the Institute specializes in the treatment of advanced Terminal Boredom cases.

After an exhaustive analysis by the Institute’s team, Walker is presented with four unique, and potentially dangerous challenges specifically designed to break him out from his Circle of Boredom permanently.

The treatment sounds great until Norm discovers it will cost him a huge payment if he fails to complete the four challenges successfully. Despite the potential financial loss, Walker signs on despite not knowing any details of the challenges in advance.

On his voyage of discovery, Norm encounters far more than he bargained for when he meets up with Doris, Lacey and Kimmy, three females who will change his life forever.

This feel-good, stirring tale about resilience, courage, taking chances, relationships, and enduring bonds makes for a genuine page-turner. Free on Kindle.

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