Free: Finn Jones and the Scourge of Darkness

Free: Finn Jones and the Scourge of Darkness

Have you ever wondered where the fairy tales and legends about dragons, trolls and all the other legendary creatures have their roots?

What if they weren’t just the brainchild of the storytellers of bygone times?

If only a thin veil separates us from a magical world full of wondrous beings?

Would you dare to tear it up?

To save his life, Finn has no choice. He has to take the plunge through the veil and immediately stumbles into a turbulent adventure on the outcome of which nothing less than the future of a whole world depends. And as if that weren’t enough, he also has to deal with the magical powers that surprisingly awaken within him. Not to mention the white dragon, who expects a strange return for his help. Free on Kindle.
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