Free: EVACUATION: Book One: The Desert Deluge

EVACUATION: Book One: The Desert Deluge
Jodi Flakes end-times, adventure novel of 100,000 words begins in the United States in 2072. A father and a son, who both narrate this novel, are separated by the Chinese government which has overthrown the USA, twenty-five years before. Both father and son are forced to make life-and-death decisions when the authorities of New China threaten the safety of their family and friends. Part police thriller, part wilderness adventure, and part survival of a natural disaster.

At great risk of being locked forever in a New China Arizona prison camp, 14-year-old, Michael Anderson finds the courage to join the underground rebellion fighting to dethrone the Communistic Regime of China.

Members of the former US Military, and former cops, like Lieutenant Joseph Anderson, Michaels father, are forced to work for the New China Security Force. Joseph must remain in the Phoenix Valley and assist with the natural disaster evacuation effort since four dams on the Salt River have burst causing much destruction and havoc throughout the Phoenix Metropolis. Joseph begs his wife and children to flee the Queen Creek Valley without him and travel north to join like-minded revolutionaries in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Michael, without his fathers help, must protect his mother, his older sister and 4 younger brothers and keep them alive as they hike through the mountains many miles through a blizzard in a brutal wilderness. Michael loses all contact with his father, who has disappeared, and the family have little hope of ever reuniting.

This end times story, with a Chinese take-over of the US and natural disasters of epic proportions are based on predictions from the Bible, Apocrypha, Nostradamus, and similar last days prophecies. This book will appeal to fans of Left Behind and The Great and Terrible and Thunder in Heaven. A literary agent who has seen the manuscript has called this story this generation’s Red Dawn. Free on Kindle.
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